Wurlitzer Organ History

In 1910, the Rudolph Wulitzer Company opened its North Tonawanda division, the largest manufacturing company in the world at that time. The picture above is the "Mighty Wulitzer" and is still located in the Riviera Theater.

Credit: Courtesy of A. Daniel Bille, North Tonawanda City Historian

A Wurlitzer organ from the 1960's in the Museum's collection.

A 1960's Wurlitzer organ in the Museum's collection.

This organ was donated by a family in Pendleton.

A tuning jack used to tune the Wurlitzer organs is in the foreground. It was donated to the Museum by Dominic DeMart. Dominic may be seen in uniform during World War II under the Military Heritage section of the website, in the Wurlitzer -World War II section. 

In the photo below, Dominic DeMart, at left, is trained to use the tuning jack in 1947 by John Srackta.

The Mighty Wurlitzer in the Riviera Theatre in 2005.

This photo courtesy of Richard E. James in Port Arthur, Texas. Shown is a Wurlitzer Piano/Organ, described as a "Multi-Matic Percussion by Wurlitzer, fully transistorized, Model #4300, Serial # 799290.  Mr. James has requested assistance in determining the age and value of the organ. We are guesstimating it was built in the 1960's. It was manufactured at Wurlitzer's Corinth, Mississippi plant. If anyone can tell us anything about this model, we would be grateful.

Closeup of the piano/organ.

Caption to be forthcoming. Courtesy of the William C. Wittkowsky Collection.

Wurlitzer organ photos: Courtesy of Museum member and volunteer JamiLee Piatt; tuning jack photo by Museum member Arlene Stocki McNai; photo of Dominic DeMart and instructor, courtesy of Dominic DeMart; Wurlitzer piano/organ photos courtesy of Richard E. James.

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